Bosclip Pillows
**Back by popular demand** The boomerang pillow slips to suit are available in plain or ruffled in a...
**Back by popular demand** Buy Bosclip Boomerang Pillow The Bosclip Boomerang Pillow contains 1700gms of premium roll-filled fiber....
Bosclip Electro – Magnetic Massage Pillow
Designed to increase circulation, help relieve pain, promote natural healing and create a sense of well being for...
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There is no denying the pleasure of finally laying your head down to sleep every night. Don’t let a poor-quality pillow take away from one of life’s subtle pleasures. Here at Topnotch Outdoors, we take your comfort seriously. Browse our pillow collection below to see what is available for you.

Bosclip Boomerang Pillows

Bosclip pillows offer you the chance to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Made of high-quality materials, they are designed to be allergy-free and super comfortable. Update your bedding with our wide range of Boomerang Pillows. Nothing beats the feel of a new plump, lush, soft Bosclip pillow.


Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers
Rest your aching body and sink into sweet pleasant dreams with our pillows. We even have knee pillows for side sleepers. Our diverse collection of knee pillows Australia and leg pillows enables us to accommodate various sleeping preferences. Choose from our vast range of synthetic anti-allergenic pillows – filled with plump fillings and complemented by soft outers and slips. Comfort guaranteed.

Boomerang Pillows
Are you a back sleeper or side sleeper, after some extra support while reading in bed or for sitting on the couch, these Bosclip Boomerang pillows will give you all the support you need. Roll filled (not blow filled) means the pillow won't bunch up in the corners and will last many years of use. You will have constant support wherever you lay your head or body. Total support is key for back sleepers and you’ll find it with our Boomerang massage pillow. Offering medium firmness gets the support you need to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Bosclip Boomerang Pillows – Soft, Sturdy & Affordable. For Supreme Comfort Look No Further Than Our Massage Pillows.
A Good Night’s Sleep Begins With A Great Boomerang Pillow. Buy A Comfortable Knee Pillow That Supports Side Sleepers. Contact Us On (02) 960 48 699.
If you would like more information about our pillows to feel free to give us a call where one of our service team members will be happy to help.

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