Topnotch Stainless Steel BBQ Baking Dishes / Wok's
Excellent for cooking roasts while BBQing at the same time, stir fry's or even just as a meat...
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For quality, multipurpose BBQ cookware looks no further than Topnotch Outdoors.
Topnotch baking dishes are a must-have, multipurpose BBQ accessory. Buy just the base or as a complete kit including a baking dish with lid and wire roasting rack. Made from the same high thermal conductive Stainless steel as our premium plates (3CR12) you can rest assured knowing you’re buying a long-lasting product. To install the baking dish you simply remove whichever part of the bbq you aren’t going to use (plate or grill) and insert the baking dish. Or if you have a side burner you can sit on top of there also.

What can you use it for?
Its multi-use design allows it to be used as an oven for cooking a roast to baking bread, a warming tray, wok or as a second hot plate expanding your cooking area.

Have you ever tried to roast and BBQing at the same time?
Every time you open the bbq you release valuable heat extending your roasting time. Now you can BBQ at the same time using your very own baking dish. Insert the baking dish, lay in the roasting rack and your roast of choice, then place on the lid. The lid is equipped with an adjustable steam vent and a removable thermometer that can also be used as a meat thermometer. Temperature adjustment is a simple as turning the Gas knob. Looking for that bit of extra flavor pour in some wine below the level of the roasting rack and let the meat absorb those beautiful aromas.

You can also use it on top of gas/butane burners which makes it a great multipurpose item when camping or simply use it on your regular stovetop at home to expand your oven when cooking for larger functions
Teflon coating is also available
While a well seasoned baking dish gives you a relatively nonstick surface we can also have them coated in Teflon to give you a true nonstick baking dish that’s easy to clean.

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