Bosclip Edgers and Spare Parts
Lawn Edger Blade Part Number: 103
Lawn Edger New Style Path Guide (2 Bolts) Part Number: 125
Lawn Edger Blade Nut Kit Part Number: 104A
Lawn Edgers Wheels (4 pk) Part Number: 126A
Path Guide Bolts for Lawn Edge Trimmer (New Style) Part Number: 124A
Bosclip Electric Lawn Edger – BAP/ELE/002 PRODUCT NAME/CODE BAP/ELE/002 Electric Lawn edger / Barber’n Edge Trimmer MOTOR TYPE:...
Old Style Path Guide (1 Bolt) Part Number: 123
Cord Guard For Handle Part Number: 151
Is you Bosclip Lawn Edger getting harder to push? Is the aluminium motor casting starting to rub on...
Path Guide Bolt (Old Style) Part Number: 124
Has your Bosclip Lawn Edger stopped working? It may be something as simple as a broken or malfunctioning...
Bearings to suit Bosclip Lawn Edgers 608 2RS, 608 ZZ, 627 ZZ, 609 2RS, 629 2RS Identify your...
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Bosclip is one of the most trusted names in lawn care in Australia. The company has been around for more than 50 years and has won the hearts of many with its high-quality products. Their Bosclip Lawn Edgers are in a league of their own – reliable, sturdy, and get the job done excellently.

Origins of the Bosclip lawn edge trimmer

Australian Secretary for the Department of Trade made a request asking for companies and designers to come up with a viable and cost-effective lawn edger that could be mass-produced. Joseph Boseley responded with an innovative design and the rest, as they say, is history. Boseley’s invention proved so popular that it was immediately produced en masse and made available on the local market. And since then, Australians have been using this time-tested Bosclip Edger to manage their landscaping requirements. 

Electric Bosclip Lawn Edge Trimmer

Edger Collection
Bosclip Lawn Edge Trimmer is electric 240V powered. These edgers are ideal for those who prefer corded electric lawn edgers for continuous use. Connect them through an extension lead and carry out your garden chores effortlessly. Lightweight and easy to use, these electric Lawn Edge Trimmer are perfect for trimming the edges of pathways and open spaces. With a motor speed of 5000 rpm, you can be sure your edges will look crisp and clean. Keep your yard looking neat with the Bosclip Electric Lawn Edger.

Bosclip Accessories | Bosclip Edgers and Spare Parts

In-store is a range of Bosclip accessories to complement your lawn edger. From edger blades, to blade nut kits, and edger bearings keep your Bosclip Lawn Edge Trimmer in tip-top shape.

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Bosclip – A Trusted Name In Gardening Tools. Keep Your Garden & Yard Looking Neat With The Robust Bosclip Edger. Contact Us For More Information call us at 02 9604 8699

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