Log Splitters
Topnotch Outdoors is Sydney’s leading supplier of high-quality log splitters for sale including our best-selling Parklander CT9T520 model. When looking for premium quality log splitters, Topnotch Outdoors has you covered.

Robust High-Quality Log Splitters
Every log splitter in our store is carefully selected for robustness, high performance, ease-of-use and maintenance. We understand the need for a powerful and yet affordable log splitter. That’s why we carry cost-effective brands that don’t compromise on quality. 

Log Splitters Collection at Topnotch Outdoors
Order Log Splitters Anywhere in Australia
Order log splitters from Topnotch Outdoors and get them delivered anywhere in Australia. We are one of the leading online retailers of outdoor machinery. We also sell a range of accessories to make your log splitting operation a hassle-free endeavour. 

Electric & Petrol Log Splitters 
Log splitters can either be electric powered or petrol powered. Electric log splitters are preferred because of their eco-friendly nature. They are however not as powerful as their petrol-powered counterparts. If you intend to cut a lot of hardwood, you should opt for the petrol-powered log splitter.
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Horizontal and Vertical Log Splitters
Log splitters come in two sets of orientation – horizontal and vertical. These orientations exist to make the wood cutting process easier. If you are splitting manageable sized pieces, then the horizontal log splitters are the best option. If you are splitting larger heaver logs the vertical log splitters is the way to go.
Topnotch bbq plates will inspire you to barbeque more often, taking that oily, smokey mess out of the kitchen.
Bestselling Parklander CT9T520 model
The Parklander CT9T520 model is one of the bestselling log splitter models on the market. It is a well-sized electric log splitter with 9 Tonnes of force. It is ideal for home use and is reasonably quiet to use. Features covered and separated operating handles for safety. And a 4-way splitting head attachment.

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