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8 Wood Cutting Tools You Need For Your Tool-shed

Are you a fan of the woodwork?

Do you love to get your hands dirty at home with DIY projects that require woodcutting? There is a lot of woodcutting equipment to choose from that will make your wood cutting easier. If you have the right wood cutting tools, you will find that all your projects and woodwork will be easier. Read on to find out more.


A Lathe is an essential wood cutting tool. It can be used in diverse ways when wood cutting. You can attach precision cutting tools for wood to it as well. Lathes are a bit on the pricey side but are worth the investment.


Chainsaw Products are probably the most famous wood cutting tools. From pruning and cutting down trees to cutting up firewood, a chainsaw is a right tool for you. Chainsaws are easy to use but are also easy to injure yourself with. Ensure you have and use all personal protective equipment, and seek training if you are unsure.

Table saw

Table saws are used to cut large numbers of planks or lumber. With one, you can make precise cuts and expedite the process of cutting lumber. Take the time to choose one that can easily be transported and is easy to use.

Band saw

Band saws are used to cut smooth curves into the wood. There are two types of band saws, stationary hand saws, and portable band saws. You can use a band saw to cut other materials as well like plastic and PVC.

Coping saws

Coping saws have a unique design that makes them easy to distinguish from other types of saws. They are used to make curved cuts and intricate cuts in wood. Coping saws have a very thin blade which makes it easy to change directions when sawing.


Planes are used to shape pieces of wood. There are manual wood planers and automatic ones. For home use, a manual one is perfectly adequate but will require a bit of muscle power. This tool will come in very handy when you need to prep boards or trim wooden doors that have swollen or warped over time.


Chisels are used for hand wood carving. They are typically used by wood sculptors to produce beautiful works of art. In woodwork, they can be used to carve intricate designs into tables, chairs and other pieces.

Rip-Cut saw

These are sometimes referred to as hand saws. They are the typical saw that people use in woodwork. These saws are great for cutting boards and other wood materials and are easy to handle and transport. Rip cut saws are also very affordable

At Topnotch Outdoors we have many wood cutting tools you can choose from. Can’t find something you want? Get in touch with us today.

  • Apr 21, 2020
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