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NOTE: These plates do not fit the new weber Q ''N'' series. "N" series plates coming soon.
Weber Grill Plates
Topnotch Oudoors is Sydney’s leading one-stop online shop for all things BBQ. We provide you with premium barbecues and barbecue accessories from top manufacturers. Are you looking for grill plates? We have a comprehensive range of Weber grill plates, Weber hot plates; Weber Q Grill plates and Weber Q grill plate replacements in store.

Find the right grill plates

We understand the importance of finding the right grill or hot plate that’s why we’ve got the Weber® hot plates and grills in multiple sizes and price points. Get the most out of your grill by complementing it with a suitable Weber hot plate. 

Convenient and reliable hot plates
Easy to clean
Weber grills plates and Weber hot plates are an excellent and convenient way of enjoying your barbecues. Prepare delicious burgers, grill meat and vegetables on your Weber plate. There is a reason these are some of our best-selling grills. Made of ferritic stainless steel and boasting a superior cooking surface, you can never go wrong with the Weber Q Grill Plates. 

Variable grill sizes and shapes available
Our models are available in a curved and rectangle design and varying sizes. Did we mention that they are also easy-to-clean as well? Yes, when all is said and done you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning up after your barbecue so this is definitely an advantage.
Weber hot plates and Weber grill plates have always been a firm favourite with the crowds. Designed to make your life easier, cook eggs and bacon to perfection and enjoy a hassle-free clean-up.

Visit our showroom or talk to our team

Topnotch Flat Plates to suit the oval shaped Weber Q BBQ’s are designed to be heated to a “plate” temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius.
 While heating the plate over 200 degrees Celsius wont damage the plate, it may cause the plate to bow slightly. It will  then return to its flat state once it cools down and the temperature between the top and bottom of the plate equalises.
High heat should only be used for the first 4 minutes while heating the plate up to cooking temperature.

Not limited to just household bbq’s, our plates are also suitable as a commercial hot plate.

If you would like to see these products up-close feel free to visit our showroom located at 79 Percival Road. Additionally, you can contact any of our sales teamto discuss our Weber grill plates in greater depth before making a purchase call us at 02 9604 8699

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