Make light work of cleaning your BBQ plate and grill with Topnotch super clean.

Safety First:

  1. Not to be taken
  2. Use only in well ventilated areas
  3. Avoid contact with skin & eyes
  4. Contact with skin or eyes – immediately wash with soap & water or flush eyes with ample water.
  5. If symptoms or irritations persist, consult your Doctor

Clean bbq stainless steel with Topnotch Super Clean Cleaning Liquid for Stainless Steel Hotplates & Grills

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Scrape all loose food & excess oil with steel spatula & remove from hot plate
  2. Attach scotch brite pad to pad holder
  3. For average size plate e.g. 395 x 485 pour 50mls of Topnotch Super Clean Liquid onto hot plate & spread evenly with spatula (more liquid for larger plates)
  4. Heat plate to optimum temperature of 150°C to 177°C (best results are achieved between these temperatures)
  5. When liquid is lightly simmering, turn off gas & leave for a few minutes then using the scotch brite pad in the pad holder, commence scrubbing in a circular motion with moderate pressure
  6. Use spatula to move debris & excess liquid to grease trap
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for heavily soiled hot plates
  8. Wipe surface clean with thick damp cloth
  9. Clean & wash tools & hands well after use.

Australian Made & Owned