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Whether you’re cooking for family, friends, or catering for a function, experience the advantages of healthier cooking, better tasting, restaurant quality food on a Topnotch stainless steel bbq hot plate.

What makes a Topnotch bbq plate better than the rest? We use a specific grade of Stainless Steel (3CR12) which features a flat cooking surface, excellent thermal absorption and is extremely corrosion resistant, making it a superior choice for bbq plates when compared to cast iron and regular 304/316 stainless steel bbq hot plates.

Cleaning is a breeze due to the completely flat, non-porous cooking surface. This means you’re not going to be mixing those flavours from last night’s Honey Soy Kebabs with tonight’s delicious Atlantic Salmon. Just like each new painting requires a blank canvas, each meal should start with a clean cooking surface to further enhance the flavours of the food being cooked.

Cooking temperature, more importantly the consistency of the cooking temperature throughout the bbq plate is a major factor when delivering perfectly cooked food.  If you are cooking on a plate with an inconsistent surface temperature, then the taste, quality and appearance of the food will suffer, not to mention your cooking experience. Topnotch has overcome this issue with the use of its specially formulated material which distributes the heat more evenly to give you the best chance of delivering that mouth-watering, memorable meal.

Topnotch bbq plates will inspire you to barbeque more often, taking that oily, smokey mess out of the kitchen.

Our replacement bbq hot plates are designed and manufactured right here in Australia and have been putting smiles on BBQers faces for or over 20 years.

Easy to clean? Absolutely. Our Plates don’t require a coating to prevent them from rusting, this means you can use basically anything to clean them with. Most of the time you can get away with a spatula or a scotch brite pad. If it’s been a while and its heavily soiled with marinades or anything else, you can put it in the dishwasher, or even clean it with a pressure washer. 

Suitable for Gas bbq’s, wood fired bbq’s, charcoal bbqs, and more.

Not limited to just household bbq’s, our plates are also suitable as a commercial hot plate.

Select from a wide range of stocked bbq hot plate sizes, and if you still can’t see the size you need, we also manufacture custom made bbq plates of all sizes. For pricing on custom sizes, contact us by either online chat, Email via our contact us page, or give us a call on 02 9604 8699



How do I choose the correct product for my barbeque?

To find your correct size of replacement cooking surface, simply measure your existing Barbeque Plate and Grill.

Once you have established the total cooking surface, you can then decide on your preferred combination. You may like to keep the same size Plate & Grill, or you may want a larger Plate, or larger Grill depending on your cooking needs. You can also divide it into Plate/Grill/Baking dish combination.

Cleaning Instructions

You should clean your Topnotch™ bbq plate after every use.

While wearing Long gloves for protection and with the plate at cooking temperature (180 degrees C), pour cold water directly onto the plate. take extreme caution as the water will boil and steam will be produced immediately. Use either a metal spatula or a scouring pad on an extended handle to clean the plate while the water is still boiling, This process can be repeated until the plate is clean.


Once cleaned with water and a spatula, allow the plate to cool. You can then give it a thorough clean with a scotch brite pad.