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Whether it’s a family bbq, a gathering of friends or a community event, the Topnotch Stainless Steel Diamond Grill will give you industry leading, restaurant quality results.

Easy to cook on, easy to clean, get those clean, crisp sear lines that every bbq chef is looking for.

Is your cast iron bbq grill worn out? Upgrade to a premium stainless steel bbq grill today.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the unique, patented design is the key to the Topnotch grills success. By rotating the 8mm square bar 45 degrees we have reduced the contact area between the meat and the grill from 8mm in width to just 0.5mm giving you a true grilling experience.

Our specially designed end channels enable us to only weld the two outers bars in place. The remaining bars are able to expand and contract independently, completely eliminating any warping or stress points which can lead to broken welds.

Made entirely from 304 Stainless steel, our replacement bbq grills are built to last a lifetime of use.

Easy to clean? Absolutely. Our grills don’t require a coating to prevent them from rusting, this means you can use basically anything to clean them with. Most of the time you can get away with a spatula, wire brush or a scotch brite pad. If it’s been a while and its heavily soiled with marinades or anything else, you can put it in the dishwasher, or even clean it with a pressure washer. 

Suitable for Gas bbq’s, wood fired bbq’s, charcoal bbqs, smokers and more.

Select from a wide range of sizes, and if you still can’t see the size you need, we also make custom sizes at no additional cost. For pricing on a custom size stainless steel grill, contact us by either online chat, Email via our contact us page, or give us a call on 02 9604 8699