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BBQ Fish Basket

  • Cook & turn whole fish or fish fillets easily with this Fish Basket! No more messy breaking up as you try to unstick the fish from the grill or plate using your spatula. Cook them all over the grill --- Perfect!
  • 27" Extra long handle
  • Chrome plated iron wire
  • Rounded premium wood handle insert
  • BBQ fish on the grill so you get that smokey barbeque flavour.
  • Beach or backyard impromtu barbeques - no problem with this handy fish basket!
  • Cook a whole fish or several fillets.
  • Wooden insert makes sure the handle doesn't get too hot while the fish are cookin' and turning the fish over on the grill is a breeze (you don't have to only cook fish on the plate anymore)!
  • Makes a great BBQ gift!
  • A tip -- if you want to marinate or flavour your fish, cut some diagonals into each side, mix some marinade (eg: Mango Chutney, Olive Oil & Lime Juice), rub over both sides of the fish & wrap your fish in a layer of Bamboo Leaf. Place in the basket & cook over the grill - makes it easier to clean & keeps the marinade on the fish ... succulent & tasty!
  • CODE: MAN-V2