Includes 2 Sensors Max 300 C, Free App. Includes Batteries and Sensors.

Self-contained, high-temperature thermometer with 2 x 1 meter long-Temperature Wired Probes

1. Download the FREE app (EasyBBQ).

2. Select the type of meat you are going to cook & the way you like it cooked on the easy-to-use app (select either rare, medium, well-done, etc or use your own very special temperature),

3. Heat up the BBQ,

4. Put the steak or roast or chicken pieces (not supplied) on the BBQ,

5. Plug the probes into the Meat Mate unit & turn on, put the probes into the centre of the meat pieces,

6. There are 2 x probes with 1 meter of cable on each, so you can check 2 different pieces at the same time,

7. The app & the Meat Mate display unit will show you what the temperature of the meat is as it cooks, and even includes 2 timed reminders to remind you to turn or baste - how good is that!

8. Go & enjoy the party - pop back from time to time to turn the meat or baste, etc,

9. When the meat reaches your desired doneness - the device with the app will BEEP & FLASH to let you know that it's ready!

10. Saunter back to the BBQ & Serve up those fantastically cooked creations to your guests ...