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Ziegler & Brown Hot Plates | Ziggy bbq accessories

Sydney-based Topnotch Outdoors prides itself on being one of the best online retailers of all things BBQ. Are you looking to purchase hot plates? We’ve got a good selection in store. Discover everything from Ziegler & Brown triple grill BBQ large hot plates to Ziegler & Brown hot plate twin.

Wide-range of Ziegler products Available In Stock

Ziegler and Brown is a name synonymous with excellence. Our clients delight in owning products made by Ziegler & Brown because they are guaranteed of high-quality premium goods. Our Ziegler & Brown hotplates come in a variety of sizes. Browse our wide range of BBQ hotplates to find out which Plate would best complement your barbecue setup. 

Ziegler & Brown hotplates
Have you ever wished you could increase the versatility of your Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill BBQ? Now you can thank to the Ziegler & Brown hotplate. By removing one set of the grills on your BBQ and replacing it with one of our hotplates, you can change the way you grill food. For example, you can fry eggs and bacon or even cook pancakes. Anything is possible on a Top-notch plate. 

High standard of finish for every product
Ziegler & Brown takes great pride in the finishing of their products, and so do we. These Ziegler & Brown hot plates are made of ferritic stainless steel which ensures that heat is evenly distributed and retained when cooking. They are easy to cook on and easy to clean. Something we all want when using a BBQ

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Buy Ziegler and Brown BBQ hot plates at competitive prices in Sydney.
Topnotch Flat Plates to suit the oval shaped Ziegler and Brown BBQ’s are designed to be heated to a “plate” temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius.

While heating the plate over 200 degrees Celsius wont damage the plate, it may cause the plate to bow slightly. It will  then return to its flat state once it cools down and the temperature between the top and bottom of the plate equalises.
High heat should only be used for the first 4 minutes while heating the plate up to cooking temperature.

Would you like to discuss the Ziegler & Brown hot plates with a professional or view them in person? Visit our showroom located at 79 Percival Road. Alternatively, you can contact any of our sales team. If you have any additional questions call us at 02 9604 8699

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